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[mkgmap-dev] Various routing problems.

From Harri kuuma at bastu.net on Mon Jan 3 02:20:11 GMT 2011

Cycleways and footways have given my garmin (nuvi 755) a lot of problems 
too. Sometimes it thinks were on them and route calculations might fail 
(no legal route). Sometimes it just likes to hop on the nearby footway 
and won't give up on it (not before an intersection at least).

I think this is not a mapping problem nor is it a mkgmap problem. Garmin 
just is stupid enough to think the roads we cannot legally be on. Garmin 
maps are a lot less sparse (and no cycleways in road maps) so it is not 
a problem with them (unless it thinks we're on the next street of couse).

I've done a workaround for this. I compile my car maps separately and 
use nonroutable road types for cycleways and footways and use a typ file 
to get the usual lines. That keeps the garmin off them. Unfortunately 
there are some cycleways allowed for destination which it misses after 
that. That is a lesser problem for me in normal life.

Unfortunately that means separate map for walking and cycling. I use a 
separate gps anyway so this is not a major problem for mme.

In some rare cases I've seen garmin pick up a wrong way from some split 
roads as well. Nothing I can do about that but wait for a better gps 
signal and hope it will give up the wrong road. As expected, routing 
files terribly fast when it thinks we're driving a oneway street the 
wrong way.

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