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[mkgmap-dev] Recommended "stable" version?

From Nop ekkehart at gmx.de on Sun Jun 28 07:26:33 BST 2009


According to the Wiki page, the last version recommended as reasonably
stable is 858. As I needed some particular improvements, I am using
1001, which works reasonably well. However, there are some weird
glitches in my map that may be caused by problems in my preprocessing
or in mkgmap with equal propability. So an update to a later version
might in order but quite a number of the posts here seem to indicate
that many things are very experimental so this might be a change for the
worse at the moment. My map is not intended for routing, so will not
profit from any features to that end, I am rather hoping for general
improvements of processing and reliability.

So the question is: Are there any plans to work towards another
recommended reasonably stable version? Or do any of you have a personal
recommendation for a build that in your experience should not cause trouble?


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