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[mkgmap-dev] route recalculation senstivity bug found

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Sat Jun 13 19:18:14 BST 2009

I found out the problem associated to route recalculation not working 
(well working but only far too late). We currently set the TRE header at 
1,3,17 IF we change this over to 1,4,23 route recalculation kicks in at 
around 25-30m instead of 300-400 (as it happens with 1,3,17 we currently 
use) on my Vista HCx.

I don't know how this is set because the value introduced with the patch 
about this seems to be organized differently. I changed this with 
gmaptool and now it works very well. Would be great if these values 
could be set directly by mkgmap.

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