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[mkgmap-dev] R: Style file

From marco_certelli at yahoo.it marco_certelli at yahoo.it on Fri Jun 5 23:04:13 BST 2009


maybe I was too "criptic" in my first answer.

if you downloaded the package you will find some typ files to start with. They are in \CreateIMG\Bin\typ\. Internet is also full of other examples (but watch to the license before distributing derived works).

The typ file called drivemap-923.typ is my own (derived from free stuff).

The on-line typ editor allows you to upload a typ file, watch the graphic data stored in the typ and then it will allow you to change them as you like

In the package you will also find the styles. I prepared one (drivemap) that matches the drivemap-923 type file. The styles are in 


You will understand easily that: for each garmin code defined in the style (example 0x01 for Major HighWay) a corresponding graphical draw scheme may be present in the typ file.

Everithing up to now is OS independent and works in linux too.

The typ files can be either loaded in MapSource (windows) together with the img files or shall be joined with the gmapsupp.img in order to be used by the Garmin GPS. I do not know how to join files in linux but I guess that mkgmap (linux) can join the typ file and the gmapsupp.img (I do not know how very well).

Of course, if you use only standard garmin codes in the style, the typ file is not mandatory (it is optional) and I actually have never uploaded it in my garmin since I only use standard codes.

Ciao, Marco.

--- Ven 5/6/09, frmas <frmas at free.fr> ha scritto:

> Da: frmas <frmas at free.fr>
> Oggetto: Re: R: Style file
> A: "Marco Certelli" <marco_certelli at yahoo.it>
> Data: Venerdì 5 giugno 2009, 21:37
> Marco Certelli a écrit :
> Hello Marco,
> > Well Francois, I know that if you want a precise look
> of your map, you have to 
> build a specific TYP file (that is a file contining lines,
> areas and points
> graphic descriptions). There is a TYP editor online
> (http://ati.land.cz/gps/typdecomp/editor.cgi). If you
> download the
> package I've prepared, you'll find some TYP files to start
> with and some
> styles to be used as example. http://mce66.altervista.org/software.html
> Play with the typ editor and you will understand a lot
> about codes and
> rendering.
> > 
> Yes, but all that stuff seems to me specific to Windows
> users only.
> I run Linux, and most of the programs that allow you create
> maps based
> on a specific TYP file, seem to be windows aware, not
> linux.
> > About the "default" rendering, I think that each
> garmin model has its own 
> >rendering of the standard codes.
> ah, ok. I didn't know that. I have a Garmin Oregon T400
> GPS. It gives me
> trouble from time to time, because sometimes, when I want
> to copy the
> gmapsupp.img file I create to the little SD card embedded
> into the GPS,
> when I turn on the GPS, it deletes the file and make it to
> be zero byte
> size. Strange, but I don't understand why.
> But to be back on my wishes, I would have like to see
> mkgmap with a
> little TYP support too.
> Now about the style files, I try to understand the way all
> that stuff works.
> > The standard codes used in garmin can be found in the
> manual of cGPSmapper (http://www.cgpsmapper.com/manual.htm). You'll find in
> the appendix all the standard codes for pois (points),
> polylines (ways) and polygons (areas). 
> Great. Thank you for that link. I'm reading it actually.
> Francois


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