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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH] Alpha code for pedestrian routing in plazas

From gypakk at gmx.eu gypakk at gmx.eu on Fri May 29 21:18:05 BST 2009

> Good idea with this! What do you think about creating pedestrian ways
> that connect to each of the streets that touch the plaza instead of
> just creating ways around the outside?

That was my first thought too when I read Clintons post.
But... what it the pedestrian area is shaped as a banana? Then you could get ways displayed which lead straight through a building. Does anybody have an Idea to solve this?

Another aspect: The number of ways virtual through the pedestrian area should be limited a it increases quadratically.

Despite of this - Clintons idea sounds very good! As far it's possible, it should be optimized.


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