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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v1] - fix splitting of ways when they have loops within loops

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Fri May 29 10:42:26 BST 2009

In Austria I still had problems. But the number of errors was reduced 
from around 25 to 10. For those roads with errors, Either someone has 
corrected them online (after noticing the error messages) or some are 
still broken. I will keep track of this. The 15 roads that produced no 
more errors are working correctly now (they didn't autoroute before). Of 
the 10 still not working - 7 seem to be caused by the data imports and 
have to be corrected in OSM anyhow.

Paul wrote:
> Mark Burton wrote:
>> As predicted, the loop splitting code was under-performing. The
>> attached patch should make it split all of the loops when a way has
>> multiple loops. Before, a loop inside another loop was not being split
>> (but a sequence of loops would have been).
>> Those people who are seeing the new error message about consecutive
>> nodes/bad routing should try this patch and see if those messages go
>> away. Also, check if it breaks anything else.
>> Obviously, it would be good to commit this soon if it works as expected.
> Using r1049 with this patch, quick-distance V2 and parallel V10 I had no
> problems compiling great_britain.osm. Either the commits and patches
> completely workaround the problems or the consecutive identical points
> warnings have been suppressed as I had no warnings at all
> A *very* brief check of the map shows no problems but I'll get chance to
> test it over the next few days as I'm away for a short break
> Cheers
> Paul
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