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R: [mkgmap-dev] (almost) duplicated node issue

From Johann Gail johann.gail at gmx.de on Mon May 25 15:12:15 BST 2009

>> I know about IMG resolution, Mark. That is the reason I think there is a bug. If the Garmin cannot handle such short arcs, mkgmap shall compile the case in a way that does not violate the garmin specs.
> It would be nice if mkgmap could work around the problem of short arcs
> so I am looking into what it needs to do to achieve that.
> Unfortunately, it's not an easy problem to solve so it will take a
> little thought.
Would it be an idea to enter a slightly longer distance for the arc in 
the routing db?
I really dont like such things, as they are only are just workarounds, 
but it seems the easiest solution until the correct encoding is known.

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