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[PATCH v1] Re: [mkgmap-dev] maxspeed tag vs road_speed preset

From Thilo Hannemann thannema at gmx.de on Thu May 21 10:00:15 BST 2009

Hi Mark,

> It occurs to me that some people will want the maxspeed tag to  
> override
> the speed code in the rules file (obviously, the person who wrote that
> code thought it was a good idea) but others, like Marco, would prefer
> not to have that feature. So, I guess, we need (yet another) option to
> control this behaviour. I attach a patch that does, essentially, the
> same thing as your patch with the addition that you can switch that
> behaviour on and off.

Thank you for that patch.

The patch I posted was intended to be applied locally if one wanted to  
remove that behaviour. With the state of mkgmap right now I think it  
is reasonable to hardcode such things as the maxspeed, because  
otherwise the style files will get overly complex and with the current  
syntax of the style files a lot of things can not be encoded at all  
(for example motorway exits, roundabouts etc.) For special "map- 
tuning" one will have to modify the mkgmap source. Which is probably  
even easier than coming up with highly complex style files to  
accomplish the same thing. So if you like to integrate the switch for  
the maxspeed handling into the trunk I will be happy, but I also  
understand that you might not want mkgmap to be cluttered with lots of  
"special options".


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