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[mkgmap-dev] Way contains a semgment that is longer than 1683 (routing will fail for this way)

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Mon May 11 08:42:02 BST 2009

Hi Felix,

> Creating maps for Europe I notice this warning more or less on any 
> longer ferry connection. Could you try to artificially create in between 
> points for such ways instead of breaking the routability? (off course 
> this does not solve the more prominent problem of "relation/way XX in 
> too many areas of the splitter - but at the latest once the splitter 
> can/could handle ways in more than 4 areas then the problem would be 
> much more prominent).

Err, we don't break the routability on purpose but it's because we
don't know at this time how to encode route arc lengths that require
more than 14 bits.

It's true that introducing extra nodes would provide a solution to the
problem. Feel free to contribute the code to do that!



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