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[mkgmap-dev] Lower case option & special codes

From David david.tlp at orange.fr on Sun May 10 23:41:53 BST 2009

I don't understand how "lower-case" option works. It is fine when I 
build a map from an OSM file. But when I want to build a map which 
contains only pillars (0x660f) in a "mp" format (polish format) all 
names are written uppercase. Could you give me a clue to correct this ?
Is there a way to deal with special codes from mapedit like "~[0x1e]" ? 
(this code in 8 bits coding shows only the second section of a label). 
Someone found a solution for roads symbols (~[0x01], ~[0x02], ~[0x03], 
~[0x04], ~[0x05] and ~[0x06]).
It would be great if we could use ~[0x0c] (first section visible on 
map), ~[0x0e] (second section visible on map), ~[0x0f] (first part only 
when over 1km, used before elevation).

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