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[mkgmap-dev] Route Avoidances via Stylefile and problems with roads vs non roads

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Sun May 10 19:21:31 BST 2009

1. I know that there was some talk about route avoidances in the 
mailinglist already. But I can't find it anymore.

I want to set additional attributes (in the stylefile) to certain 
linetpyes so that you can exclude them from routing via the Avoid Settings.
How do I add this info:
Toll Roads
Unapved Roads
Carpool Lanes

What I want is to give highway=footway and bicycle=no the toll roads 
tag, so when I am using the autorouting I can exclude footways and ways 
unsuitable to bicycles by activating "avoid toll roads" or "avoid 
unpaved roads".

2. Why are motorways automatically autoroutable, EVEN if I don't assign 
road class and speed class to them and exclude them from the routable 
type (0x01-0x13), i.e. by attributing them 0x29! This is really annoying 
because if you built maps for cyclists you want to include motorways, 
but don't want them to be autoroutable. The only way I can currently 
achieve this is by commanding highway=motorway {set highway=_motorway} 
or similar.
I don't even have the motorways in an routable layer. I put them into 
their own map creation process without parsing --route.
I create the layers with this command:
java -enableassertions -jar -Xmx6000M 
d:\garmin\mkgmap_svn\dist\mkgmap.jar --latin1 --no-sorted-roads 
--description=08_openmtbmap_%abr% --style-file=motorway 
--country-name=%country% --country-abbr=%abr% --mapname=%mapid%0000 
and my main routable layer with this command:
java -enableassertions -jar -Xmx6000M 
d:\garmin\mkgmap_svn\dist\mkgmap.jar --latin1 --no-sorted-roads 
--style-file=routable --route --country-abbr=%abr% 
--country-name=%country% --mapname=%mapid%0100 --%country%*.osm.gz

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