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[mkgmap-dev] Elevation lines

From Nop ekkehart at gmx.de on Mon May 4 20:50:17 BST 2009


Nop schrieb:
> In old version of mkgmap, elevation lines that had a tag ele=999 were 
> labelled with that elevation on the map. You had to remove the ele-Tag 
> if you wanted no numbering.
> This behaviour has changed. With current version, mkgmap seems to ignore 
> the ele-Tag altogether. Is this observation correct? What is the 
> intended way of handling elevation lines with altitude?

This are getting even more weird. I have tried to copy the elevation 
values into name tags in order to force labeling of the lines.

It works in as much as that height lables are shown now, but the numbers 
are off. It appears that somehow my name-Tags are interpreted as feet 
and mkgmap attempts to recalculate them to meters.

Is there a mechanism like that in mkgmap? How can I keep mkgmap from 
changing my name-tags?

I am using r1001.


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