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[mkgmap-dev] Setting up a test environment for mkgmap routing tests

From Thorsten the.real.hik at gmx.net on Mon Apr 27 15:07:06 BST 2009

leprof06 at yahoo.de wrote:
> <the.real.hik at gmx.net> wrote:
>> Please let me know, if there is a simpler way to perform .img to
>> mapsource conversion!
> Thorsten, you don't need to convert any output from mkgmap. You don't 
> need cgpsmapper, and you don't need gmaptool. In addition to the *.img 
> files, mkgmap can output the preview .img file and .tdb file for 
> Mapsource. Just insert in your java command line --tdbfile and 
> --overview-mapname= followed by 8 digits. Then create your registry keys.

Thx Chris. This method is more straightforward.

However, I did not provide a family/product-id when converting .osm.gz to .img.

Therefore, I tried to use mkgmap on the .img tiles to assign this IDs with
$ mkgmap --tdbfile --overview-mapname="mapset00" --product-id=5 --family-id=20 

Then, I modified the wine registry to use the ID (20=0x0014 => REG_BINARY 14 00) 
but I had no success (mapsource refuses to start).

Then I started from the beginning and again converted from .osm.gz to .img with 
the family-id and product-id parameter - and still no success.

Any hints?


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