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[mkgmap-dev] Routing Bug on StreetPilot c510

From Stefan Aschenbach stefan at binaervarianz.de on Sat Apr 18 21:47:47 BST 2009


I hadn't more patience than for about 5 to 10 min.  But every now and  
then the device resets itself without me pushing he on/off button  
after about a minute of hanging at 100%.

I have ne real idea of what firmeware version I'm using. The one I  
updated it about two month ago. Is there a way to update manually  
(maybe to an earlier version)?
I only know of the Online Updater which doesn' even download anything  
if it isn't newer than what is on the device.



Am 18.04.2009 um 21:53 schrieb Apollinaris Schoell:

> See it in a Vista HCx too.
> But it will always came back after some time. No need to reset.
> at the time the device doesn't respond to any interrupt. But  
> interrupts are not lost.
> the HCx will automatically power down with a countdown after an  
> external power loss. this will still happen after the route calc is  
> aborted.
> Which firmware version are you guys using? this can make a difference.
> On 18 Apr 2009, at 11:10 , Stefan Aschenbach wrote:
>> Same error on my etrex Legend HCx. Routing calculation stops at  
>> 100%, cancel button is not responding, I have to forcefully shut  
>> down the device.
>> As said before, the calculation starts again when powering on, you  
>> have to be fast to push the cancel button while not already at 100%.
>> I retried the same calculation multiple times with the same  
>> result. (Destination stayed the same, the origin was a live GPS  
>> position so obviously it would have slight differences.)
>> I tried routing to the same destination again several kilometers  
>> later. Same result as above.
>> I tried again just some kilometers from the destination, routing  
>> went fine then.
>> The map had only one tile.
>> Regards
>> Stefan
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