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[mkgmap-dev] Re: Feedback r991 map on etrex legend HCx

From Toby Speight T.M.Speight.90 at cantab.net on Wed Apr 8 10:32:06 BST 2009

0> In article <20090408074750.2u0kt7ejkkc884g4 at mail.binaervarianz.de>,
0> stefan <URL:mailto:stefan at binaervarianz.de> ("Stefan") wrote:

Stefan> - Roundabouts give routing informations in the wrong
Stefan>   direction. Maybe this can be fixed be adding country
Stefan>   informations to the mkgmap options.  I thought this was
Stefan>   implemented by looking in the is_in tag now.

I too have a Legend HCx.  I find that roundabout routing is fine[*]
unless the source data are in error.  If you have a specific example,
we can check the OSM data for it (or you could easily do so yourself).

[*] Actually, the default access rules (e.g. no pedestrians on motorway
    roundabouts) don't appear to be set - I'll submit a patch once the
    highway symbols code is in.

Stefan> - A lot of POIs are named e.g. UnnamedParking or UnnamedATM
Stefan>   (These are translations from my german names). I don't know
Stefan>   where the 'Unnamed' string comes from, but it would surely be
Stefan>   better to ignore missing tags instead of printing 'unnamed'.

In English, they are similar (but with a space after "Unnamed").  I
think these things are specified in the TYP file.  I'm of a mind to
start investigating how TYP files are constructed - but it won't be
for a week or so, due to other commitments.  I have a suspicion, for
example, that there's a code there to make metres the native altitude
unit, obviating the need to convert OSM data to feet.

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