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[mkgmap-dev] Performance of mkgmap.jar and splitter.jar

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Sat Apr 4 12:23:36 BST 2009

Hey mark - where do I have to put that argument? I get no real output.

Here is my cmd line: start /low /b /wait java -jar 
-agentlib:hprof=cpu=samples,depth=20 -Xmx1200M 
d:\garmin\mkgmap988\mkgmap.jar --description=00_Austria 
--style-file=ystandard --route --net --country-name=AUSTRIA 
--country-abbr=AUT --country-name=AUSTRIA --ignore-turn-restrictions 
--mapname=63260000 austria.osm
Any mistakes?

P.S. Sorry my previously mentioned runtimes were for Rev 991 not rev 
988. However I compiled 991 myself. If I take 991 or 988 from the server 
then map compilation times skyrocket (Win XP SP3 for me, Pentium M 
2.26Ghz, 3GB Ram, No Pagefile)

Here is the content of java.hprof.txt, in the cmd window the line: 
dumping to jvm.hprof.txt is shown - I can't find that file though:

JAVA PROFILE 1.0.1, created Sat Apr 04 13:17:45 2009

Header for -agentlib:hprof (or -Xrunhprof) ASCII Output (JDK 5.0 JVMTI 

@(#)jvm.hprof.txt    1.5 06/01/28

 Copyright (c) 2006 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All  Rights Reserved.

WARNING!  This file format is under development, and is subject to
change without notice.

This file contains the following types of records:

THREAD END      mark the lifetime of Java threads

TRACE           represents a Java stack trace.  Each trace consists
                of a series of stack frames.  Other records refer to
                TRACEs to identify (1) where object allocations have
                taken place, (2) the frames in which GC roots were
                found, and (3) frequently executed methods.

HEAP DUMP       is a complete snapshot of all live objects in the Java
                heap.  Following distinctions are made:

                ROOT    root set as determined by GC
                CLS     classes
                OBJ     instances
                ARR     arrays

SITES           is a sorted list of allocation sites.  This identifies
                the most heavily allocated object types, and the TRACE
                at which those allocations occurred.

CPU SAMPLES     is a statistical profile of program execution.  The VM
                periodically samples all running threads, and assigns
                a quantum to active TRACEs in those threads.  Entries
                in this record are TRACEs ranked by the percentage of
                total quanta they consumed; top-ranked TRACEs are
                typically hot spots in the program.

CPU TIME        is a profile of program execution obtained by measuring
                the time spent in individual methods (excluding the time
                spent in callees), as well as by counting the number of
                times each method is called. Entries in this record are
                TRACEs ranked by the percentage of total CPU time. The
                "count" field indicates the number of times each TRACE
                is invoked.

MONITOR TIME    is a profile of monitor contention obtained by measuring
                the time spent by a thread waiting to enter a monitor.
                Entries in this record are TRACEs ranked by the percentage
                of total monitor contention time and a brief description
                of the monitor.  The "count" field indicates the number of
                times the monitor was contended at that TRACE.

MONITOR DUMP    is a complete snapshot of all the monitors and threads in
                the System.

at program exit.  They can also be obtained during program execution by 
Ctrl-\ (on Solaris) or by typing Ctrl-Break (on Win32).


Mark Burton wrote:
> Hi Felix,
>> I think during the last weeks the increased feature set of mkgmap is 
>> really nice, not so nice is the performance though.....
>> I made some tests - see below. I think with the current versions 
>> performance really has gone by the wayside. It takes 4times as long 
>> against austria.osm compared to rev 937.
> Please add the following to your java options and post the resulting
> java.hprof.txt file to the list or to me directly. Then we will know
> where the time is going.
> -agentlib:hprof=cpu=samples,depth=20
> Cheers,
> Mark
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