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[mkgmap-dev] Performance of mkgmap.jar and splitter.jar

From Johann Gail johann.gail at gmx.de on Sat Apr 4 12:09:52 BST 2009

> 1. Performance Tile Splitter.
> Split austria.osm with already established areas.list (4 areas) takes 
> 120sec, the same but austria.osm.bz2 took astonishing 312 seconds. The 
> tile splitter works significantly faster on unzipped sources.
I haven't stopped by stopwatch, but on my system by feeling it is 
roughly the same time at b2zipped and unzipped files. I don't know any 
significant slowdown on my system. But it is fact, that the bzip2 
algorithm needs a lot of cpu resources, you can't change it. Do you save 
time, if you unzip the bz2 data before running splitter and add that 
needed time to the splitter running time?

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