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[mkgmap-dev] Relations and Multiple Tag Parsing Style Rules

From f.hartmann felixhartmann at fh-krems.eu on Tue Dec 2 12:25:00 GMT 2008

1. Is there any possibility to give a different tag to relations?

The problem is that many cycleroutes are tagged as relation
id=12345....  which then lists the way sections that belong to the
relation. So the ways itself are not tagged differently.
Here is one example (I shortened the ways which belong to it) which I
would like to highlight.
Is there a possibilty to highlight all relations of route=bicycle or
route=mtb etc....?

<relation id='17206' timestamp='2008-11-03T14:41:59+00:00' user='Loschi'

    <member type='node' ref='15733829' role='' />
    <member type='way' ref='3220516' role='' />
    <member type='way' ref='4682210' role='' />
    <member type='way' ref='4776002' role='' />

    <tag k='created_by' v='Potlatch 0.10f' />
    <tag k='ref' v='6' />
    <tag k='rcn' v='yes' />
    <tag k='route' v='bicycle' />
    <tag k='name' v='Donauradweg (NÖ)' />
    <tag k='type' v='route' />
    <tag k='network' v='rcn' />

2.  Could Multiple Tag parsing be implemented into the style rules somehow?

I know that I could use combinations like highway=path & mtb:scale=0 -->
and highwway=path & mtb:scale=1 --> 0x02
But that poses several problems:
a) Running out of definitions --> Mapsource only displays 0x00 to 0x2a
(excluding 0x17 and 0x20 to 0x25 that are reserved for contourlines).
b) There are other mtb related tags such as mtb:scale:uphill= and
interesting tags like smoothness and tracktype. Writing combinations for
all of them to display seperately will become very complicated.

Solution: If a way has two tags that are listed in the style file, both
should be included seperately into the image. By using a .typ file one
can then decide how to map them. Using transparency it's easy to see at
the same time 4-5 different tags. I.e. you have the way in the middle.
And on either side of the way you put dots or symbols to show further
attributes. As a way can be drawn up to 32 pixels wide. One has 15
pixels open for putting in additional information to each side of a way
that is 2 pixels wide (this assumes that the ways are identical copies
of each other, just with a different 0x?? definition).

For the moment I have to generate a seperate map for each tag that I
assume to appear in combination with other tags (Well I can through
togehter some tags with Regex rules) and then make all maps except one
transparent before I upload them to the Garmin GPS. On the GPS it will
display without problems, but I can't use Mapsource for planning a trip
now, having 5-6 maps to show me all attributes that I consider important
for mountainbiking.


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