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[mkgmap-dev] "streets-with-no-names" style

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.demon.co.uk on Tue Nov 18 23:43:35 GMT 2008


> Thanks to the new expression types (not-existing, not-equals), it has  
> become really easy to create a map that highlights streets with no name.
> I basically took an existing style and made the following changes to the  
> "lines" file:

Fantastic! I havn't got around to doing any 'real' styles yet, just been
working with silly test styles.  Good to see it really working.

> It would be nice if mkgmap would come with a "highlight streets with no  
> name"-style per default.

Yes, absolutely that is my plan to add one.  When it is added you 
will just have to say --style=noname .



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