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= Conversion Style manual
The mkgmap team
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:description: Describes the style language that converts from OSM tags to Garmin types.
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To generate style-manual.pdf you will need asciidoc, fop, python-pygments, mkgmap-pygments.
eg. for a Fedora system, as superuser:
# dnf install asciidoc.noarch
# dnf install fop.noarch
# dnf install python-pygments.noarch
# pip install mkgmap-pygments

Then, as normal user, cd to this directory (doc/styles) and
$ make pdf

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This manual explains how to write a mkgmap style to convert
between OSM tags and features on a Garmin GPS device.

A style is used to choose which OSM map features appear in the
Garmin map and which Garmin symbols are used.

There are a few styles built into mkgmap, but
as there are many different purposes a map may be used for, the default
styles in mkgmap will not be ideal for everyone, so
you can create and use styles external to mkgmap.

The term _style_ could mean the actual way that the features appear on
a GPS device, the colour, thickness of the line and so on. This manual
does not cover such issues, and if that is what you are looking for, then you
need the documentation for *TYP files*.

Few people will want to write their own style from scratch, most people
will use the built in conversion style, or at most make a few changes
to the default style to add or remove a small number of features.
For general information about running and using mkgmap see the
*Tutorial document*.

To be clear this is only needed for converting OSM tags, if you are
starting with a Polish format file, there is no style involved as the
garmin types are already fully specified in the input file.

For general information about the OpenStreetMap project see the[OpenStreetMap wiki].

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