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[mkgmap-dev] Execute mkgmap 4284 error

From mkgmap at davejansen.eu mkgmap at davejansen.eu on Mon Apr 1 09:44:27 BST 2019

Trying to execute mkgmap (4284) with the following options:

/path/to/jre1.8.0_91/bin/java -Xms3000m -Xmx3000m -jar 
../mkgmap-r4284/mkgmap.jar -c osm_nl.args -c netherlands/template.args  

The error that i immediately get is:

Time started: Mon Apr 01 10:35:47 CEST 2019
Error in style: Error: (inc/compat_lines:124): expected yes/no for 
set/addaccess, got '='
Setting max-jobs to 2
Could not open style
Number of ExitExceptions: 1

if i decompress the jav file is see that the line 124 is written down as:

mkgmap:carpool_compat=yes  { setaccess no; set mkgmap:bus=yes; set 
mkgmap:emergency=yes; set mkgmap:carpool=yes }

Is anybody also familiar with this?

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