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[mkgmap-dev] Sample basic mkgmap config file

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Thu Feb 14 17:35:17 GMT 2019

Hi Ticker,

thanks for the  comments.
- I forgot route, that was not intended.
- no-tdbfile and nsis are a bad combination, and I see no problem when we generate all possible formats
unless one starts to create really large maps.
- I am not aware of problems with --split-name-index or --road-name-config, please give examples in a new thread. Besides that
I see no problems to remove those.
- I agree that --add-pois-to-lines is a rather problematic option, but I see no need to add no-add-pois-to-lines
- My understanding is that we don't need order-by-decreasing-area once we have a default typ?


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I have a few suggestions / comments:

I don't agree with --recommended because this file will often required
some tweaking and eventually become the basis of the new users building

I think forward slash (/) works as a directory seperator on DOS/Windows
so can always use this.

It should be written to assume various items are in the current
directory, including the .cfg file itself, the outputs from splitter,
bounds.zip, sea.zip and mkgmap release subdirectory

It should be aimed at generating a GMAPSUPP.IMG file to put on a Garmin
device. All the PC bits for basecamp/mapsource are a distraction and a
great deal of time can be wasted trying to get these installed on a PC
and then trying to use them install the map image on a device; so
shouldn't have 'gmapi' and should have 'no-tdbfile'

Should specify: code-page=1252

I'm not convinced of the general benefits of 'split-name-index' and
'road-name-config'. They don't give good behaviour for the UK

The 'bounds' option to location-autofill doesn't do anything

No need to specify the style - it will use 'default'

name-tag-list=name:XX,int_name,name,place_name,loc_name is a useful
option where XX is the map user's language code

Should specify: route

I don't think 'check-roundabouts' is of any benefit for a new user

Option 'add-pois-to-lines' generates a lot of 'not very useful' POIs
and I think it is better turned off. This is a topic that could be re
-visited in 'default style improvements'

'make-opposite-cycleways' is wrong for a lot of countries

I'd specify: 'order-by-decreasing-area' as the way to get a map that
shows polygon features overlayed in the best order, without having to
make fixed arbitrary decisions about all the [_drawOrder] levels in a

Following, inline, is a version with some changes - feel free to
take/ignore whatever you think is best. It should probably be more
heavily commented.


# Set options to create a routable map for a Garmin GPS
# Assumes that the files bounds.zip and sea.zip exist

#that's it

On Thu, 2019-02-14 at 14:29 +0100, Andrzej Popowski wrote:
> Hi Gerd,
> maybe treat it like default style, which is kind of build in? For
> example, when invoking mkgmap with an option --recommended, mkgmap
> could
> include all options from default config.
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