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[mkgmap-dev] default style improvements

From Ticker Berkin rwb-mkgmap at jagit.co.uk on Tue Nov 13 17:25:48 GMT 2018


I'd like any thoughts on changing and introducing new element TYPE
numbers for various OSM objects. I propose:


Use 0x2f0c instead of 0x4e00 for amenity=toilet always.
0x4e00 isn't findable. 0x2f0c is "Other:Rest Area/Tourist Info".

Use 0x3200 instead of 0x660f for barrier=bollard barrier=...etc.
0x660f is "Land Features:Pillar" and so they all show in FIND, making
searching for nearby features less useful. 0x3200 is a small point,
that can be labeled with the type of barrier.

Use 0x6505 instead of 0x6603 for water=canal, lock
0x6603 is "Land Features:Basin"; 0x6505 is "Water Features:Canal"


Use 0x11 instead of 0x07 for highway=cycleway
Suggested by Joris Bo. 0x07 is Alley and is already used for
highway=bridleway, service, mop-up

Use 0x13 for highway=raceway
This isn't handled at the moment and falls into the highway mop-up

Use 0x17 for various linear barriers and also man_made=breakwater

Use 0x1a for car ferries, 0x1b for other ferries
At the moment 0x1b is used for all ferries

Use 0x26 instead of 0x10a02 for intermittent steam & drain

@gerd - slightly concerned about func in mkgmap/reader/osm/GType.java:
 public static boolean isSpecialRoutableLineType(int type){
   return type >= 0x01 && type <= 0x13 || type == 0x16 || type == 0x1b;


Use 0x02 for place=suburb

Use 0x0f instead of 0x0c for landuse=commercial

Use 0x10 only for landuse=residential
Currently also used for farmyard

Use 0x11 instead of 0x04 for military=danger_area
This often covers a large area of other mixed use, and rendering it
with parts transparent is much more informative

Use 0x12 instead of 0x08 for landuse=retail

Use 0x13 only for building=*
Currently also used for amenity=* and man_made=...

Type 0x17, which shows as "Park" in green, is currently used for these
OSM objects:
Keep this mapping for leisure=park, playground
Use 0x15 for landuse=village_green
Use 0x1c for landuse=meadow, grass, greenfield, farmland
Use 0x1d for leisure=common
Use 0x20 for leisure=garden
Use 0x25 for square/plaza

Use 0x1b instead of 0x10 for landuse=farmyard
Use 0x1b instead of 0x4e for landuse=farm

Use 0x21 instead of 0x1f for tourism=...

Use 0x22 instead of 0x1e for historic=...

Use 0x23 instead of 0x13 for mop-up amenity=*

Use 0x24 instead of 0x13 for man_made=...

Use 0x3b for mop-up waterway=*

Use 0x41 instead of 0x3c for small lakes

Use 0x48 for water=canal

Use 0x4c for water=lock
Use 0x4c for dock=drydock
This is "Intermittant Water"

Use 0x53 for natural=beach, sand
Suggested by Nick / Minko 27Sep18

Use 0x53 instead of 0x51 for natural=mud

Use 0x56 instead of 0x53 for small named islands/islets
And render as transparent/invisible

Use 0x58 for adminin boundary=ceremonial, eg UK counties
And render as transparent/invisible


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