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[mkgmap-dev] splitter: option for maximum tile area?

From Bernhard Hiller bhil at gmx.de on Wed Oct 31 21:03:17 GMT 2018

Hi all,
currently a Java OutOfMemory exception prevents me from creating a map. 
I already use option --max-jobs=3 (the machine has 4 physical cores) and 
-Xmx5G (of 8 GB installed). Beyond OSM data, the map contains DEM and 
elevation contour lines.
 From the tiles finished and those with a new timestamp but about 0 
bytes length, I can see that mkgmap was rendering tiles 47120005, 
47120006, 47120007 at the time of crash.
Tile 47120005 is extremely large by physical area - some 6° x 5.5° (see 
attached file), covering a lot of the south chinese sea, i.e. there are 
not many actual data in that area.
I guess that the problem arises with that tile. I remember some case in 
the past where a single tile covering such a large area of mainly sea 
caused mkgmap to take an enormous amount of time for rendering - also 
here, mkgmap already spent about 1 hour before crashing.
So I'd like to ask: is there some possibility for limiting the area of a 
tile among the splitter options?
Kind regards,
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