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[mkgmap-dev] probably dumb question about style type

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Wed Sep 19 14:37:20 BST 2018

Hi Nick

> [Check max sub-type of 0x2f (or 1f?)]
> The way multiple types  with the same draworder in a TYP file are saved 
> relies on subtypes being no higher than 1f.

The POI types wiki page I was looking at claimed sub-types up to 2f,
but I am sure you are right and that 0x1f is the correct maximum.


> In other words, if sub types were given a value >1f then  typ files are 
> unable to give accurate draworders for types with the same draworder.
> Extra pois (as found in city navitgator & NT maps) do not have this 
> restriction and and can have a 4byte value.
> Nick

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