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[mkgmap-dev] Commit r4223: merge from couuntry-border branch

From News news at pointdee.co.uk on Tue Sep 18 21:21:34 BST 2018

I just wanted to say that I've recently compiled separate maps of both 
France and Spain, copied these onto a microSD card in my Edge 800, fired 
up the Edge and can now find routes from central France to central Spain 
without doing anything else so thank you for the work involved in making 
this happen

Thanks to all involved


On 13/08/2018 08:21, svn commit wrote:
> Version mkgmap-r4223 was committed by gerd on Mon, 13 Aug 2018
> merge from couuntry-border branch
> This introduces new option --add-boundary-nodes-at-admin-boundaries
> which is on by default with a value of 2. See help for details.
> http://www.mkgmap.org.uk/websvn/revision.php?repname=mkgmap&rev=4223
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