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[mkgmap-dev] wrong mdr25 and mdr27 data in global index?

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Sat Jul 28 07:58:51 BST 2018


while looking at my problem with restaurant POI I noticed that MdrCheck complains about the MDR27 in the index created by mkgmap
(Cities sorted by region)

The check complains (correctly) about duplicate entries in this index. We have a similar index in MDR25 (Cities sorted by country).

For MDR27 the current code in mkgmap doesn't remove any duplicates, for MDR25 it removes duplicate entries when 
the combination of city name, region name and country name is repeated, no matter in how many different tiles the combination appears.

On the other hand, MdrCheck only complains when the 3 names are equal AND two subsequent entries in the index point to the same tile.

So, if I got that right we may have to few entries in MDR25, and for sure we have too many in MDR27. My problem:
I did not find a difference when I changed the code, it seems that both my Oregon and the PC software seems to ignore these 2 indexes.

Maybe older software/firmware versions used these indexes?


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