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[mkgmap-dev] Admin relations

From Henning Scholland osm at hscholland.de on Wed Jul 11 15:59:22 BST 2018

Hi @all,

I try to render for some larger countries like China also province 
boundaries as well. (admin_level=4 additional to level 2). But don't 
want to show those in Mongolia for example.

Therefore I write some intermediate tag to all level4-ways and then use 
the mkgmap:country tag in lines file to only show them in China. 
Unfortunately it's not very precise (ok it's logical). See attached 
screen shot. Red marked boundary line is missing, blue ones are shown, 
but shouldn't.

Anyone has an idea how to solve this issue? I thought maybe use subarea 
of admin relations, but first they are not very common in OSM and 2nd, 
not sure how to code it in relations file.



( type=boundary | type=multipolygon ) & boundary=administrative & 
admin_level=4 {
     apply {
         set rrk:boundary:province=yes

( type=boundary | type=multipolygon ) & boundary=administrative & 
admin_level=2 {
     apply {
         set rrk:boundary:country=yes


rrk:boundary:country=yes [0x10017 level 8 continue]
rrk:boundary:province=yes & ( mkgmap:country=CHN | mkgmap:country=AUS) & 
rrk:boundary:country!=yes [0x1010f level 7 continue]

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