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[mkgmap-dev] DEM Default Levels

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Wed Mar 21 21:32:56 GMT 2018

I'm a bit unclear about the --dem-dists command.
It says that at default it chooses sensible values based on .hgt file.
Could there be an option to by default choose sensible levels based on .hgt
AND --levels command?

As far as I can see depending on hgt default will go to show from very
zoomed in to 200 or 300m on Oregon 600 (map detail=normal/default).

Now should I just calculate the values for my levels based on the help file
no matter the input files? Some maps of mine, e.g. Alps use Viewfinder 1"
and 3" or SRTM 1" and 3" so if this is related to the .hgt file resolution
it is not very clear what happens with mixed input files.

Could the default be changed to calculate proper values for --levels or add
a value like --dem-dists=levels that chooses sensible defaults? I guess
that would be the easiest solution.

Felix Hartman - Openmtbmap.org & VeloMap.org
Schusterbergweg 32/8
6020 Innsbruck
Austria - Österreich
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