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[mkgmap-dev] Bug in Road Merging - actually doubling roads.

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Tue Mar 20 12:23:37 GMT 2018

well I think if ways are overlapping which have identical nodes it should
be possible to throw away according to say this prinicple:
a) identical tags (except name which is not important) - throw away the
copy/copies. I think here it is clear the copies are not needed.
b) identical tags (except name) plus more tags.
Eg way 1 has: key1=a key2=b     way 2 has key1=a, key2=b key3=c. So throw
away way1.
If there is however
way 1 has: key1=a key2=b  key3=c    way 2 has key1=a, key2=b key4=d. it is
more complicated but it could still be merged to a single way consisting of
key1=a, key2=b, key3=c, key4=d
way 1 has: key1=a key2=b  key3=c    way 2 has key1=a, key2=b key3=d we
could keep both ways, or throw away one of them - but yeah then it is not
clear which one so better keep.

For the problems related to  http://www.openstreetmap.org/b
and the other 2 ways. Following a) removes one copy. Following rule b)
would actually get rid of the second copy and now information/detail will
be lost.

I'll try the new patch and see if I can find out more about problems.

BTW - would it not be better to just use a test map for finding the error?
I'm pretty sure any 6 routable roads on top of each other (identical
direction) cause routing to break on Oregon 600. As soon as some way is
slightly different angle - it is fine.
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