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[mkgmap-dev] line rule not being triggered

From Joris Bo jorisbo at hotmail.com on Sun Feb 25 17:20:11 GMT 2018

Hello Ticker

I spent a lot of time on the 'pier and pedestrian' issue .
In the pdf you'll find the result for my style and typ on your pier area. Is this what you mean?

You'll find my complete style and typ on gitthub. It's an almost 100% match between garmin and OSM default style.

Next couple of days I'll update gitthub to the style changes version 4.8 of 23 feb 2018



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Onderwerp: [mkgmap-dev] line rule not being triggered


I noticed that the default style was putting walkways around some piers because of the line rule:

(man_made=pier | man_made=piste:halfpipe) & area!=yes {add highway=footway; name '${ref} ${name}' | '${ref}' | '${name}' }

an example is:
WAY: 469580183 (50.73379039764404/-1.2820744514465332) [man_made=pier, mkgmap:admin_level10=Whippingham, mkgmap:admin_level2=GBR, mkgmap:admin_level4=England, mkgmap:admin_level5=South East, mkgmap:admin_level6=Isle of Wight, name=Folly Pier]

which is using a closed way to draw the pier (and also has a defined footpath along it)

Earlier on in my lines file I have:

# mark multipolygons as area
mkgmap:mp_created=true {add area=yes}

highway=* & area!=* & is_closed()=true {echotags 'closed() highway'; add area=yes}

and so added the following to fix the problem:
man_made=* & is_closed()=true {add area=yes; echotags 'mm'}

but this rule isn't being triggered by my example, but if I replace it

name="Folly Pier" & is_closed()=true {add area=yes; echotags 'fp'}

Then it behaves as expected

I'm using the latest svn trunk (4127)

Any ideas?


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