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[mkgmap-dev] Wrong rendering Layer=1

From Thomas Morgenstern webmaster at img2ms.de on Sun Feb 25 13:15:33 GMT 2018

Hi , maybee I found a bug in rendering layer's. I have prepared a small SanIsidro.osm.pbf  and the resulting gmap with FID 982, created with mkgmap-r4127, Download : http:\\img2ms.de/Downloads\WrongLayerSanIsidro.rar .
The error is, that the highway ID=217.806.076 is rendered over the bridge ID=65.208.316. Bridge has tag bridge=yes and originaly layer=1. I tried layer=2, but it makes  no different, it should bee rendered  over the highway,  This wrong rendering happens in may cases related to TF-1 in tenerife. 
      any idees to resolve this in stylefile ?


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