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[mkgmap-dev] max-jobs patch

From Mike Baggaley mike at tvage.co.uk on Wed Feb 7 00:58:08 GMT 2018

Hi Gerd, please find attached v2 of the max-jobs patch.

This version additionally catches out of heap memory exceptions and displays
a message suggesting either the use of the Java -Xmx option to increase the
available heap memory or the mkgmap --max-jobs option with a smaller value
to reduce the memory requirement (the latter is suggested only if using more
than one thread).

How does that seem?

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Hi Mike,

thought about this again. Maybe this change is too simple. With multiple
jobs one also
needs more heap (-Xmx JRE option). If you create rather large tiles with
splitter (max-nodes=1600000)
you need 0.5 - 1 GB for each job. Not sure what happens when a user creates
a map with
10 tiles on an 8-core machine without any -Xmx option.

I fear this will result in OutOfMemory exception, so better check the
available heap as well.


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Hi Gerd,

Please find attached a patch that amends the default behaviour if the
--max-jobs option is not specified, to using a value equal to the number of
CPU cores, as suggested in a previous post. The documentation is also
amended to reflect the change. This halves the execution time of mkgmap for
building a map of Staffordshire on my 8-core PC when --max-jobs is not
specified (I didn't know about this option previously and was unaware the
performance could have been improved).


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