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[mkgmap-dev] The 0x4b background polygon in the overview map

From Andrzej Popowski popej at poczta.onet.pl on Fri Jan 12 15:08:24 GMT 2018

Hi Henning,

 > you should be able to split Europe once and then just let mkgmap
 > calculate all the country maps based on the boundary polygons

I'm doing something similar for my maps. I create a map of a continent, 
for example Africa and then I execute mkgmap with list of img to create 
regional map. So what I would need is an easy way to create a list.

I think mkgmap could support a polygon, which selects, which input files 
should be processed. Something like this:

mkgmap ... --input-area=country.poly *.img
mkgmap ... --input-area=country.poly -c areas.list

I like that tiles aren't clipped, so for me would be good enough to 
select all tiles that are inside poly or intersect poly.

My current procedure involve some awk scripts and manual processing of 
areas.list in Qgis.

Best regards,

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