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[mkgmap-dev] The 0x4b background polygon in the overview map

From Henning Scholland osm at hscholland.de on Fri Jan 12 14:10:19 GMT 2018

Hi Gerd,
ok, maybe I was too fast. ;-)

I just tried to understand your Bremen example. You have splitted Lower
Saxony (Niedersachsen) into 15 tiles. Based on these 15 tiles you want
to let mkgmap create a map of Bremen by using a map polygon, which is
not following any of the splitted tiles. Lets say there is a tile
boundary splitting Bremen in two parts. So mkgmap will create a map with
two tiles of Bremen-polygon only.

As I haven't that case in mind, I would agree with you that detailed map
and overview map should follow the given polygon of Bremen.
Before I was only thinking about creating a map of Japan for example but
also having cost line of Korean peninsula and Russia visible in map.

But if you are able to split Bremen map based on splitting results of
Lower Saxony, you are able to split once Lower Saxony osm-data and then
can use these tiles to create a map of Bremen, Emden and Oldenburg (for
all those non Germans, these are also cities in Lower Saxony) by just
giving mkgmap different boundary polygons. And if you look in bigger
scale basically you should be able to split Europe once and then just
let mkgmap calculate all the country maps based on the boundary polygons.

So that idea is a great approach in my mind.


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