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[mkgmap-dev] option --show-profiles and DEM

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Thu Jan 11 08:14:29 GMT 2018

If you compile a map with contour lines and show-profiles=1 MapSource 
does calculate route profile. I've been using a command like the 
following for a long time and it worked for me:
java -ea -Xmx4500M -jar mkgmap.jar --output-dir=./tmp --tdbfile --latin1 
--code-page=1252 --description="OSM+$CURVAS-$MAPA" --country-name=$PAIS 
--country-abbr=$ABR --family-name="OSM+$CURVAS $MAPA" --family-id=3$FID 
--product-id=1 --product-version=$VERSION --series-name="OSM+$CURVAS 
$MAPA" --area-name="$MAPA" --overview-mapname=$ABR-3$FID 
--overview-mapnumber=653${FID}000 --index --road-name-config=$CONFIG 
--show-profiles=1 tmp/551${FID}*.img curvas/602${FID}*.img 
Where tmp/551${FID}*.img are precompiled regular map tiles and 
curvas/602${FID}*.img are precompiled contour lines tiles. The only 
issue is MapSource doesn't display contour lines, only height numbers.

El 11/01/18 a las 09:03, Gerd Petermann escribió:
> Hi all,
> the help says
> --show-profiles=1
> 	Sets a flag in tdb file which marks set mapset as having contour
> 	lines and allows showing profile in MapSource. Default is 0
> 	which means disabled.
> I've tried this with MapSource. My findings:
> The option is not related to contour lines, those are always displayed and height is shown when you select one.
> I found two effects of show-profiles=1:
> 1) The button "Show Profile..." in the Route Properties popup is enabled even if no DEM data is available.
> Without DEM data this button is of no use, the displayed profile is a straight line at height 0.
> 2) With DEM data available Mapsource displays the height in the status line when you hover over a hill-shaded area
> with valid data.
> The button "Show Profile..." in the Route Properties popup is always enabled when DEM data is available.
> My conclusion:
> The option is useless without DEM data and with DEM data it should default to --show-profiles=1
> In other words: I think the option should be removed and the flag should be set depending on the DEM data.
> Comments?
> Gerd
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