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[mkgmap-dev] HGT - getElevation()

From Henning Scholland osm at hscholland.de on Wed Jan 10 12:48:11 GMT 2018

On 10.01.2018 20:33, Andrzej Popowski wrote:
> > i would be very defensive with interpolation in the case of
> > missing values.
> I got the same feeling. The best way to fill voids is to process whole
> HGT. And I believe that DEM providers already have done it, so any
> attempt at simple extrapolation would rather add errors than make
> output better. In my code I preserve voids. If requested coordinates
> are near void HGT node, then returned value is void.
Hi Andrzej,

>From user perspective, I think it's more correct to somehow fill voids
based of surrounding data than using elevation = 0. Elevation=0 I would
only use as a fall back, if whole hgt-file is missing. I agree with you,
that we shouldn't spent a lot of code for guessing.

To have a simple example: If there would be a cone-shape mountain in
reality, but in DEM the top of the cone is missing, I would suggest to
fill the hole with same elevation as the highest circle. So result in
DEM would be a truncated cone shape. Of course reality is not that
simple. :'( ;-)


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