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[mkgmap-dev] DEM-file generation from geo-tiff sources ?

From Henning Scholland osm at hscholland.de on Fri Jan 5 10:37:18 GMT 2018

Hi Frank,
just my opinion:

I would keep this separated from mkgmap. I mean, you need once convert
the data and that's it and the tools all exist. So I think it's more
useful to create a documentation about how to convert the
copernicus-files into hgt.

Btw. Are these files so much better compared to the viewfinder-hgt files?


On 02.01.2018 22:58, Frank Stinner wrote:
> For my opinion your data sources are very interesting. This is a short
> look to the alps, the tile E40N20 from https://land.copernicus.eu/.
> There seem's to be a little problem at the near of some coastlines,
> but we have on the other hand a high resolution of 25m. I belive, a
> bigger problem is the coordinate reference system. Copernicus data
> have EPSG:3035, garmin use EPSG:4326.
> It would be fine, if mkgmap could be read geotiffs and calculate with
> different coordinate reference systems. This would perhaps collect the
> interpolation for changing the coordinate reference system and for the
> garmin map. On the other hand: this is a lot of mathematical stuff.
> I'm not a java hacker and i don't know, if there are usable geografic
> librarys for this work.
> At the moment we have to translate the tiffs from EPSG:3035 to
> EPSG:4326, then the segmentation in 1°x1° tiffs an at last the
> conversion to hgt files. This should not be a very great problem with
> gdal-tools or so, but it is additional work.
> Frank
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