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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap r4025 implements --x-dem-poly option

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Thu Jan 4 22:14:36 GMT 2018

Hi Gerd
I also use hgt files from viewfinderpanoramas. I split bolivia with 
max-nodes=100000 and then run mkgmap as follows:
java -Xmx2500m -ea -Dlog.config=logging.properties -jar mkgmap-dem.jar 
--block-size=1024 --x-dem=../DEM/hgt --x-dem-poly=polygons/bolivia.poly 
--x-dem-dists=3312,5846,8948,12646,20282 --x-overview-dem-dist=128000 
--gmapi --show-profiles=1 --output-dir=../mapas/$pais 
--bounds=bounds.zip --precomp-sea=sea.zip --max-jobs=1 --route --latin1 
--code-page=1252 --country-name=$PAIS --country-abbr=$ABR 
--area-name=$MAPA --family-name="OpenStreetMap $MAPA" --family-id=1$FID 
--product-id=1 --product-version=$VERSION --series-name="OSM-$MAPA" 
--overview-mapname=$ABR-1${FID} --overview-mapnumber=551${FID}000 
--name-tag-list=$NAMETAG --index --process-destination --process-exits 
--housenumbers --reduce-point-density=4 --polygon-size-limits="24:12, 
18:10, 16:0" --add-pois-to-areas --link-pois-to-ways 
--location-autofill=is_in,nearest --drive-on=detect,$DRIVEON 
--license-file=license_ODbL.txt --copyright-message="OpenStreetMap 
contributors, ODbL. See: http://www.openstreetmap.org/copyright" 
$LANGUAGE --road-name-config=$CONFIG 
--remove-ovm-work-files=true --style-file=../resources/styles 
--style=mio --check-styles -c $pais.args

Tomorrow I'll try with default style, just to see if it makes any difference

El 04/01/18 a las 07:35, Gerd Petermann escribió:
> Hi Carlos,
> I was not yet able to reproduce the problem. I've used the (unzipped) 3´´ files from http://viewfinderpanoramas.org/Coverage%20map%20viewfinderpanoramas_org3.htm
> and my overview map is created with the default style. I tried different values for --x-overview-dem-dist and it worked without problems.
> The only special option that I needed was --block-size=2048 for some tiles.
> If you already use that please post further details about commands and maybe a link to your hgt files.
> Gerd
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> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 3. Januar 2018 20:15:14
> An: mkgmap-dev at lists.mkgmap.org.uk
> Betreff: Re: [mkgmap-dev] mkgmap r4025 implements --x-dem-poly option
> Thanks Gerd. If you need input file or commands, just let me know.
> El 03/01/18 a las 20:00, Gerd Petermann escribió:
>> Hi Carlos,
>> I'll try to reproduce the problem tomorrow. Sounds as if something else goes wrong
>> and the try / catch block interprets the problem in the same way as a missing hgt file.
>> Gerd
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>> Von: mkgmap-dev <mkgmap-dev-bounces at lists.mkgmap.org.uk> im Auftrag von Carlos Dávila <cdavilam at orangecorreo.es>
>> Gesendet: Dienstag, 2. Januar 2018 19:40:00
>> An: mkgmap-dev at lists.mkgmap.org.uk
>> Betreff: Re: [mkgmap-dev] mkgmap r4025 implements --x-dem-poly option
>> --x-dem-poly option works like a charm, thanks!
>> I'm doing my tests with Bolivia map and there's some problem with
>> overview map generation. Log file is recording a lot of lines like "file
>> S19W069.hgt not found. Is expected to cover sea.", but the given hgt
>> *does exist* in the hgt folder. "Missing" hgt's are different in
>> different runs of mkgmap, see screenshots [1] and [2]. Watching at the
>> overview map, it seems mkgmap starts building DEM correctly, but at a
>> given point it fails to read hgt's and rest of DEM is not generated. DEM
>> for tiles in the "missing" areas are correctly generated. BuildDEMFile
>> creates correct overview, see [3].
>> [1] ||http://files.mkgmap.org.uk/download/381/Screenshot_20180102_181555.png
>> |[2]
>> |||http://files.mkgmap.org.uk/download/380/Screenshot_20180102_185917.png
>> [3]
>> |||||http://files.mkgmap.org.uk/download/382/Screenshot_20180102_192228.png|||
>> El 31/12/17 a las 11:53, Henning Scholland escribió:
>>> Hi Gerd,
>>> I got an OutOfMemory exception (see below) while reading zipped 1" SRTM
>>> files in Scandinavia. Unzipped it's all fine.
>>> Btw. it would be nice to move the 'DEM file calculation for ... took 265
>>> ms'-messages from stdout to logging Information.
>>> Henning
>>> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
>>>        at java.nio.HeapByteBuffer.<init>(Unknown Source)
>>>        at java.nio.ByteBuffer.allocate(Unknown Source)
>>>        at
>>> uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.reader.hgt.HGTReader.extractFromZip(HGTReader.java:123)
>>>        at uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.reader.hgt.HGTReader.<init>(HGTReader.java:90)
>>>        at
>>> uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.reader.hgt.HGTConverter.<init>(HGTConverter.java:66)
>>>        at uk.me.parabola.imgfmt.app.dem.DEMFile.calc(DEMFile.java:47)
>>>        at uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.build.MapBuilder.makeMap(MapBuilder.java:334)
>>>        at
>>> uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.combiners.OverviewBuilder.writeOverviewMap(OverviewBuilder.java:191)
>>>        at
>>> uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.combiners.OverviewBuilder.onFinish(OverviewBuilder.java:103)
>>>        at uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.main.Main.endOptions(Main.java:617)
>>>        at
>>> uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.CommandArgsReader.readArgs(CommandArgsReader.java:128)
>>>        at uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.main.Main.mainStart(Main.java:136)
>>>        at uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.main.Main.main(Main.java:107)
>>> On 28.12.2017 18:18, Gerd Petermann wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> see http://www.mkgmap.org.uk/websvn/revision.php?repname=mkgmap&rev=4025
>>>> this is useful if you create a map for a country extract like nepal (nepal-latest.osm.pbf)
>>>> Here is a screenshot of a map created with the option --x-dem-poly=nepal.poly
>>>> http://files.mkgmap.org.uk/download/378/nepal-with-poly.jpg
>>>> The screenshot also shows some wrong reliefs, and I think I used files without many holes :-(
>>>> So, next step is to find out what goes wrong with DEM in low resolutions. This might take longer,
>>>> I hope Frank has an idea.
>>>> It seems to be a good idea to use a rather high res for the overview map for now. For the screenshot I used
>>>> --x-overview-dem-dist=276160, with --x-overview-dem-dist=88000 the problems are gone and DEM file is still only
>>>> ~300KB.
>>>> Gerd
>>>> P.S.
>>>> See also http://www.mkgmap.org.uk/websvn/revision.php?repname=mkgmap&path=%2F&rev=4024
>>>> I've moved some messages into the logger, so there will be less noise from mkgmap.

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