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[mkgmap-dev] problem with names of custom lines on GPSmap 62s

From Philip Homburg pch-mkgmap-dev at u-1.phicoh.com on Tue Jan 2 15:34:56 GMT 2018


I have a problem that the names of some lines do not show up on my GPSmap 62s.
They are fine in basecamp.

I'm using the following rules:
piste:type=downhill & piste:difficulty=easy { name '${piste:name}' | '${name}' | 'piste'; echotags 'easy' } [0x10702 resolution 22]
piste:type=downhill & piste:difficulty=advanced { name '${piste:name}' | '${name }' | 'piste'; echotags 'advanced' } [0x10704 resolution 22]

The weird thing is that piste:difficulty=easy seems to work fine, but for
piste:difficulty=advanced the names do not show up. The lines themselves 
show up fine (blue and black lines, as custom in Europe).

Here is the echotags output of a line that does not show its name:
Way 88492394 [mkgmap:admin_level2=AUT, mkgmap:admin_level4=Tirol, mkgmap:admin_l
evel6=Bezirk Schwaz, mkgmap:admin_level8=Gerlos, mkgmap:label:1=36, mkgmap:postc
ode=6281, name=36, piste:difficulty=advanced, piste:type=downhill] advanced     

Any idea what I could be doing wrong? Maybe the wrong number for the line?
I can't find a clear guide what numbers are supposed to work.

(In case it matters, I'm using version 3997 of mkgmap)

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