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[mkgmap-dev] Find Address - No cities

From Ticker Berkin rwb-mkgmap at jagit.co.uk on Wed Jul 26 11:05:49 BST 2017

I have a strange problem.

With a particular split of 'british-isles', one map from the split
causes the list of cities in the Find>Address function to be empty.

Find>Address does still find streets, but not this is not very useful
when cannot limit by City first.

Excluding this particular map but leaving everything else unchanged,
the city list is there and works as expected.

The list of cities in Find>City is correct.

The same problem occurs on an old build of mkgmap (r3694).

Splitting with a reduced --max_nodes, the problem goes away.
Also I think some minor changes to my style has caused the problem to
come and go.

I', using Etrex Legend, --gmapsupp --index --route and various other

Any ideas about how to debug this?


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