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[mkgmap-dev] Data / routing issue - Vancouver, BC ferries

From Andrzej Popowski popej at poczta.onet.pl on Wed Jun 14 13:17:40 BST 2017

Hi Sam,

ferries get class 3 for routing, which is high. They should be easily 
used in routing when allowed in GPS.

If the problem really is low routing class of service roads, then I see 
2 solutions:

Convince OSM mappers to add more tags for "highway=service". This could 
be for example "service=ferry". Or add any other indication, that these 
roads carry important traffic, for example include roads in a relation. 
Then this could be processed by mkgmap.

Second solution would be to try to catch the problem by mkgmap. I think 
there are more similar cases, where 2 important roads are connected by a 
link or roundabout with significantly lower routing class. Mkgmap could 
include following algorithm:

Find all suspicious objects, like highway links, roundabouts, service 
roads connected to a ferry and analyze other roads connected to this 
object. If any of these other roads get road_class 3 or 4, then increase 
road_class of processed object accordingly to 3 or 4.

Best regards,

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