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[mkgmap-dev] splitter and geonames lookup

From Ticker Berkin rwb-mkgmap at jagit.co.uk on Thu Jun 8 12:47:31 BST 2017

Hi Gerd

I've just downloaded the latest splitter (r583) and using it on british
-isles-latest.osm.pbf (downloaded 10-Mar-2017) with


It now names one of the maps as BE-Brugge!

Brugge is just on the right-hand side of the map (although not, because
it has been replaced by sea). I think it used to pick up GB-Canterbury,
which is about 1/3 of the way across the map.

Area 74220040 covers (50.9765625,0.3076171875) to
(51.4599609375,3.251953125) and contains 1544996 nodes (96 %)
Area 74220040: 2375680,14336 to 2398208,151552 covers (0x244000,0x3800)
to (0x249800,0x25000) BE-Brugge

in cities15000.zip:

2653877 Canterbury ... 51.27904 1.072992 ..
2800931 Brugge ...     51.20892 3.22424

Has the algorithm changed to choose the best city, or is just some
slight change in the map bounds because of other splitter changes.


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