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[mkgmap-dev] Please check if help is okay

From Gerd Petermann GPetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Wed May 31 08:39:04 BST 2017

Hi all,

in r3963 I tried to document the new prefix / suffix stuff:
	This option handles the problem that some countries have road names which 
	ofter start or end with very similar words, e.g. in France the first word
	is very often 'Rue', ofter followed by a preposition like 'de la' or 'des'.
	This leads to rather long road names like 'Rue de la Concorde' where only
	the word 'Concorde' is really interesting. In the USA, you ofter have names
	like 'West Main Street' where only the word 'Main' is important.  
	Garmin software has some tricks to handle this problem. It allows to use
	special characters in the road labels which mark the beginning and end of 
	the important part. 
	There are two different visiual effects of this option:
	- On the PC, when zooming out, the name 'Rue de la Concorde' is only
		rendered as 'Concorde'.
	- The index for road names only contains the important part of the name.
		You can search for road name Conc to find road names like 'Rue de la Concorde'.
		One problem: Search for 'Rue' will not list 'Rue de la Concorde' 
		or 'Rue du Moulin'. It may list 'Rueben Brookins Road' if that is in the map.
	Another effect is that the index is smaller. 
	The option specifies the path to a file which gives the details. See 
	comments in the sample roadNameConfig.txt for further details.
Is that clear enough? Please check also the comments in the sample file.
Please suggest improvements, else I'll use the same text for the style documentation before
merging to trunk.


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