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[mkgmap-dev] Is there a mkgmap option to replace Areas with Pois? using -add-pois-to-areas but duplicating NAME

From greg crago gregcrago at gmail.com on Thu May 18 01:30:42 BST 2017

I am trying to display Custom Symbols for Fast Food stores:


Using -add-pois-to-areas and also using EXTENDED LABELS=NOLABEL, but I can
still see a label on my GPS overtop of my Custom Symbol.

Used GPSMapEdit and I can see Polygon 0x08 for the BUILDING and NAME=Burger
King. Also see POINT 0x6016 (My Burger King icon) and NAME=Burger King.
Since I am using EXTENDED LABELS=NOLABEL, I think I am blocking the NAME on
the Point, but the Polygon 0x08 still has a NAME defined and I think I am
seeing it on my GPS

Would like to know if there is a different option to REPLACE AREA with POI
and then I would not have the original polygon and Point..

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