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[mkgmap-dev] please test r3942

From Andrzej Popowski popej at poczta.onet.pl on Wed May 17 08:48:45 BST 2017

Hi Gerd,

I use my own style, --code-page=1250 (it is for Polish) and 
--x-split-name-index. If problem is about srt file for cp1252, then 
probably my test is not good. I have started compilation of Europe map 
with cp1252 but it will take some time.

 > MapSource and Basecamp list the entries in a rather strange order

Maybe MapSource lists entries exactly as sorted in index? Probably 
search is done with partial name but result shows full street name. I 
guess that sort key in mkgmap deals only with partial name and when 
partial names in comparison are the same, full names remain in random 
order. Maybe you could extend sort key to use full name too?

I'm not sure if lack of possibility to select "Focha" alone is error of 
Mapsource or mkgmap. It looks like partial names aren't listed in 
Mapsource but they are present when searching in nuvi.

The same search in City Navigator works a bit different. I think CN adds 
"ulica" (street) prefix to a name. I can see entries:
"ulica Ferdynada Focha"
"ulica Focha"
"ulica marsz. Ferdynanda Focha"

When I select "ulica Focha" i get a correct hit at "ulica marsz. 
Ferdynanda Focha".

Best regards,

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