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[mkgmap-dev] What should be in the global index by default?

From Andrzej Popowski popej at poczta.onet.pl on Wed May 10 00:56:07 BST 2017

Hi Gerd,

I did some testing with map of Poland and nuvis 3540 and 1440. I have 
looked for address, cities and POIs. On 3540 I get hints for each type 
of search. On 1440 there are no hints. I don't know, if this indicate 
the use of index. Maybe 3540 is simply more capable and can access data 
in tiles faster.

In case of address and city, nuvi shows list of results before entering 
a full name. I think it shows list, when there is a limited number of 
results. When looking for a city, names in different regions are treated 
as different hits, so list is longer than when searching for address. 
This could be a cause for different behavior.

I think that index in gmapsupp doesn't contain full name, it is like 4 
first characters or something. So even when using index, nuvi has to get 
full name from tiles. This could cause search delay and could be the 
reason for showing the hourglass icon.

With my very limited test, I didn't spot any problems. I have tested 
gmapsupp.img created by mkgmap and by MapInstall. Both worked the same. 
MapInstall adds another type of index to gmapsupp, it has extension MD2. 
I don't know what it is for, maps work without it too.

Best regards,

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