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[mkgmap-dev] POI without name

From Gerd Petermann GPetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Fri Apr 28 11:07:37 BST 2017

Hi Thorsten,

do you see that behaviour also with original Garmin maps?
Maybe the device ignores the index if it detects errors in it.

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On Fri, Apr 28, Gerd Petermann wrote:

> I've noticed that my Oregon shows a lot of "unnamed" attractions, e.g. when I search for Attraction | Park or Garden.
> It seems that the device shows all points wth type 0x2c06 here (maybe also others), no matter if they are indexed or not,
> if at least one of them is named and therefore indexed, maybe not all but those in the same sub division of the map.
> Maybe there is a flag somewhere which would tell the device if that should be done or not, but I did not find that yet.
> Any hints are welcome.

I can only say for the GPSMap 6x series (at least for the three devices
I own):
Old firmwares use the index for POI search. It is quick and you only
see what is in the index.
New firmwares seems to lookup POI directly in the tiles and not use the
Index at all. Even if the device is newer and faster than the old one,
searching POIs with this can take a really long time ...
And in my experiements, all POI will be shown in the index, independent
of the number. At least I haven't found any which is not shown. With
the old firmware, a lot of numbers are not shown in the list.


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