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[mkgmap-dev] How to name junctions in crossroads

From Bodo Pfelzer bodo.pfelzer at web.de on Mon Apr 24 09:06:52 BST 2017

Perhaps this is not the correct list for my question, but:

Yesterday I was confused by my Garmin device while driving down the
A560. At the end I had to turn left into "Europaallee". I assume because
of node 243623175, my device told me to turn left into "Wingenshof"
which is the opposite direction. My intention tells me, that I would
have to swap the names of nodes 123377330 and 243623175. Is this
correct? Would it have an impact on people that want to drive from
Wingenshof to A560? Would they be advised to follow Europaallee first
before turning left?

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