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[mkgmap-dev] RAM and mdr Europa ?

From Thomas Morgenstern webmaster at img2ms.de on Fri Mar 24 18:52:11 GMT 2017

Hi, I found a solution for me:  Now i use only the option -index and  
removed the option -x-splitt-name-index.

in this configuration is 9800 MB RAM enough.


Am 24.03.2017 um 19:18 schrieb Bernhard Hiller:
> Hi Thomas,
> since you have 10 GB of RAM for all of the tasks running on your 
> computer, I doubt that 9800 MB for Java/mkgmap is actually feasable. 
> With Win 7, I put away some 1200-1500 MB for the operating system.
> If a process gets more memory, swapping to disk will occur, which is a 
> slow process, and the garbage collection might fail in such situations 
> (well, not sure for Java, but I saw such situations with .Net).
> I do not know how much RAM will be used up by WIN 10, but I think 
> replacing "/-Xmx9800m/" by "/-Xmx8500m/" could be worth a test; you 
> could also (additionally) set the initial heap size to that amount 
> ("/-Xms8500m/") .
> Bernhard
> Am 24.03.2017 um 17:07 schrieb Thomas Morgenstern:
>> Hi, I have a W10, 64 bit machine  and 10 GB RAM. Since  a few months 
>> i can not generate the mdr-file for Europa from 
>> www.Download.Geofabrik.de In a first run i generate only all the 
>> maptiles. No Problem. in a second i will generate the overview, tdb 
>> and mdr. I start j/ava -Xmx9800m -XX:-UseGCOverheadLimit jar 
>> mkgmap.jar code-page=1252 -family-id=1901 -x-split-name-index -index 
>> D:\Karten\Europa\*.img./
>> and get the error.
>> with mkgmap-r3864 it get the same error.
>> How many RAM must i have for Europa complete ?. In august 2016 it was 
>> possible to create the mdr with 6 GB RAM. But the filesize is growm ...
>> thomas
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